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daisy goes to college

ms. daisy decided that since her mom only had to work 1/2 day today that she should make the trip to san jose and get an education. she is making friends up and down the hallway... eating leftover cookies, chewing her bbq rib bouda bone and drinking water. wait, that sounds an awful lot like what she does at home. what kind of education is she getting here? that i have gullible co-workers that will give her treats? yep. that would be it. … [Read more...]

christmas on the homefront

i've lost the christmas spirit. i don't know when it happened. wait, no, i know when it happened. it happened over the weekend. between not seeing the rocker on date night and spending sunday night at my dad's house, i've found myself in a very grouchy mood. i think i've mentioned that the rockers parents are in town. i've not met them yet. i tried to meet them saturday, but that didn't work. mom and i made 15 kinds of christmas cookies over the weekend, and i wanted to take some cookies … [Read more...]

movin’ & a shakin’

it's an earthquake, it's an earthquake. ok, so it was at 11:15 am. 6.5 centered near hearst castle. it was a rollie pollie ollie one. i was sitting here thinking, "am i rolling my chair around?" but i wasn't. it was uber cool. the rocker felt it in sf too. i like earthquakes, just as long as no one gets hurt. … [Read more...]

cookie bouquet

charlie gave me a cookie bouquet for christmas today... it's so cute. i think i got it because he hounds on me to do graphics stuff for him, even thought i'm not a graphics person. i always do it, with just a little bit of crap. he is fun to tease. the bouquet has bears and trees and christmas tree ordiments in a red bucket. it's so cute, and so thoughtful! yeah! presents! … [Read more...]

talking to mar

so apparently mar and i are going to bury the hatchet. it is christmas. i guess i shouldn't be mad anymore. i mean really. she is my sister, right? she sent me an aim asking me if i had someone to shop with on the 26th. we always go shopping on the 26th. ALWAYS. like i would have gone with someone else. really. NOT. i told her i had been waiting for her to ask me. she asked why i haden't asked. i said i was a loser... but thats not true. i was waiting for her to do it. it's her … [Read more...]

friday five, by fives

1. List your five favorite beverages. diet coke, diet pepsi, diet coke, diet pepsi, faygo red pop. 2. List your five favorite websites. 3. List your five favorite snack foods. chex party mix, ut-ho oreos, cheese (just not blue cheeses), butter pretzles, butterfinger belles (or pumpkins, or eggs) 4. List your five favorite board and/or card games. life (i've always liked life, i have no … [Read more...]

the dreaded gift exchange

it used to be, when i first started working here, that i really cared about these gift exchange things. i really did. i went out of my way to find really cool things for really cheap... and i made one hell of a $10 exchange gift. i decided these people aren't worth it. they don't talk to me, they don't care if i'm here or not, so why should i care if they like my gift or not. so last night, i went out in the garage, and i found the "gifts for giving to people when you forgot to get them a … [Read more...]

pass me a bottle, i’ve gotta pee.

i always thought it was cool that men could just pull over, put their dick in a bottle and pee... right there in the car. i mean really. do you know how many gross bathrooms we women pee in every year because bottle pee'ing really isn't an option for us. there has been many a road trip that i've been on where i wished i didn't have to go in the rest stop... but i never thought about what happened to these bottles after the men pee in them. had you? apparently, men all over the country are … [Read more...]


my vice president decided that she couldn't handle the pressure anymore and has gone out on sick leave. this is the woman who got me this job... and was working to get a in range progression for me (in laymen terms a raise). honestly, i'm a bit saddened by this. i don't think the muckety mucks at this university appreciated what they had, or they took advantage of it. either way, it sucks. lately i've been in this "friend" limbo at work. apparently, my level is too high to be friends with … [Read more...]

the friday five

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays? i adore cold weather and snow for the holidays. but i live in california, so i don't see them much. i have been complaining about the cold weather here (all of 50 some odd degrees) and i'm feeling bad about it. 2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect? my idea holiday is at my sisters house with hootie and boo. christmas is really for children, and it isn't any fun … [Read more...]