Archives for January 14, 2004

28.8% so we can go to the moon

don't get me wrong... i like outer space. i love that we have a rover on mars. i think it is the best thing since sliced bread. i also know that the money coming from the 28.8% general fund cut to the CSU ($771 million) has nothing to do with the space program. BUT! WHY A MAN ON THE MOON? the initial downpayment for the program to put a man on the moon will require $1 billion of new funding. that is $229 million less than the CSU system needs to continue providing the excellent … [Read more...]


i've not been writing because i've been trying to implement skining on my site. for two days i've followed the instructions, added all the new templates, played with php... and what do i have. NOTHING. there is no skinning going on here. i've contacted the lovely ladies at blogmoxie. i feel like such an idiot right now. i'm a web developer for god sakes. i know what all this stuff is. i know how it works. i get this. and i'm so confused. hopefully it won't cost me an arm and a leg. … [Read more...]