Archives for January 21, 2004

dusty 45’s here i come

the rocker and i swich off being social coordinator on date night. saturday it was my turn. i heard from the astrofiend that the dusty's were going to be in town. i checked it out and decided that this date night, we were going to see the dusty's. there are lots of good reasons to see the dusty 45's. one, they play an awesome mix of surf and roots rock. most of which is their own music. two, billy, the lead singer is really cute (they all dress the part as well). and three, billy lights … [Read more...]

driving the w12 phaeton

so on monday, the second real holiday of 2004, i got to drive the sup'ed up w12 phaeton. what does it really mean? i got to spend another day with my dad. since i don't see him that often, i was pretty excited. i got to the city about 9:03 am... dad was there waiting for me. we filled out the paper work, got the mini tour of the car and we took off. i drove the car to danville, where we had breakfast with andrea. we let her drive the car for a bit. no, we weren't supposed to, but we … [Read more...]