My house is not my house

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Bye-bye Wild Rose Way, and take the virtural tour if you'd like...It is official. My mother no longer owns 1504 Wild Rose Way.

My parents purchased this property in 1986. Since then, my family lived there (as a unit), my dad lived there with my sister, then my dad lived there, then we tried to sell (and couldn’t), then we rented it out. Finally, my mom and I lived there from 1998 untill now. Last year, my father forced my mother and I to buy him out. It was a huge pain in the ass. But, we did.

Now, this house that has been my home for so many years, and my security blanket for most of that time, is not my house. I’m trying to figure out why it hurts as much as it does. Maybe it’s because the family home is not really the family home anymore.

Granted, there is a new family home. A home just for me and my mom… And, next Wednesday, I’ll write about how I got the keys, and for the first time in my life, my name will be on a piece of property. I will really OWN my home. I won’t just be “mooching” off my mom’s need for a place when she retires.

Unfortunately, the new home has no memories… It has no ghost of my old dog Pete that came from Michigan when we moved here in 1984. There are no old boyfriends lurking in the corners. And, I can’t see my sister throwing a pyrex dish at me everytime I go into the kitchen.

Now, I’m sure that I could get an old boyfriend or two to come over and lurk in my corners. I’m also sure that I could get someone to throw a pyrex dish at me… And before I know it (god forbid even the thought), Daisy will be haunting up my house. {now I’m crying at the thought Daisy will die, god, that sucks}

But, it won’t ever be what the old house it was… I am not going to re-live all those old experiences. Lord knows, I let the rocker in my head enough, I certainly don’t need him in my new house. And I don’t need the image of the 13 cars that my dad had parked in front of our home at one point to remind me of him.

It’s just sad, if you think about it… Leaving all that you know behind. I just can’t wait untill next week, so that maybe I can be excited for the change instead of sad about it.

Right now, things are just a bit melancholy…

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  1. What I find worst is that it always takes me what seems like absolutely forever to fell at home in a new place…

    Anyway, good luck with the move. And remember, leaving reminders of memories behind can be really beneficial! (But, I think after reading this post that you already know that.) And think of all the reasons why you wanted to move in the first place!

  2. I’m sure your new house will be fantastic. I understand your feelings. The house I just moved out of was built by my Grandfather and my family has lived there for over 50 years. It’s just sad to know that I can’t call it my house anymore.