Big plans, so little time…

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I had such big plans for blogging last week.

I really wanted to talk about the fact that John Goodman died… but now, I can’t even find anything on the web about it. I think my local news channel was insane. Now, I feel insane.

I also wanted to talk about how excited I was about my uber cool knitting class with Sally Melville… But it’s over now. Granted, I could tell you about everything I learned, but that’s not really exciting is it? Do you really want to learn about the three row button hole? Yeah, I thought not.

So, it’s Monday afternoon. It was a huge weekend. Johnny Carson died. I remember hearing recently that Johnny Carson was sending jokes to David Letterman. I wish I liked late night television. I don’t. Besides, I’m normally sleeping around that time of night. But I am sorry that Johnny died. That is very sad.

Something also sad, but not as sad as Johnny… Paige got kicked to the curb! Granted, Trading Spaces stopped being a fun show to watch for me after Genevieve put moss on the wall of some poor peoples house. I understand about wanting to make a statement, but damn. That was wrong. Anyway… I will be sad to see Paige go… I know I was sad to see Carol leave Changing Rooms. Actually of the home shows, I prefer House Invaders. I say, fix 3 rooms in your house in the same amount of time as one, and don’t spend money. It’s the better way to go.

baby nathanielBut the best thing that happened this weekend… The Melrose Baby! First, I didn’t even know that Matt and Sydney were married, let alone pregnant! That is so cool! Now, if only they would bring Melrose Place back. Talk about good TV.

I lied. The best thing that happened this weekend: Nathaniel Stenseth was born. 8 lbs 3 oz. I hear he looks like a grumpy old man. I can’t wait to meet him! Congrats to the happy parents!

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  1. Ok, how cool that you went to a Sally Melville class!!! And I am glad gay Matt is having another child. I knew they were married but had no idea they had a kid, let alone were expecting another!