Archives for February 1, 2005

Daisy’s hair cut!

So, Daisy always looks good with a new hair cut... but she hates having her picture taken! … [Read more...]

You asked for it…

Here is a ok picture of me... Not so good picture of my hair. But you can see how dark it is. Which, I will tell you, is wrong. It should be much lighter. It was much lighter! I walked in a blonde, and walked out a brunette! No, it's not color. My hair dresser cut off so much hair that she cut off all my summer blonde. I'm not sure I hate it, but I'm sure I don't love it. I know, I could get it colored, but I don't want to start that process. You know, once you start the coloring … [Read more...]

Limbo Land!

So, I've decided that if I'm going to move where I live, I should move where my site lives too. You know, I'm stupid that way. I always take on just a bit more than I can chew most days. So, some of you see this, and some of you see the old server. I still see the old server which is very un-nerving. VERY. So, If you send me email and I don't respond, just send another. It's possible that it's out there, floating in no man's land. … [Read more...]