Archives for February 8, 2005

As if you don’t have enough to do…

Snidget suggests that we throw rocks at boys. I agree. Have at it. … [Read more...]

More secret pal stuff!

I've been putting off purchasing my secret pal gift until this weekend... Why you ask? Normally Gwen is so on the ball! Well, Stitches West is this weekend! I'm thinking that I can find something really cool to send that maybe I won't ever see at my lys. I hope I can find a nice California made yarn, that is soft and fluffy. I've got some really good ideas based upon her blog... I'd better get that package out soon! … [Read more...]

Secret Pals…

Last week my secret pal dropped me a little note telling me that she mailed me a little 'somtin 'somtin... I've been watching the mail box, waiting and wondering what it could be. I think with the move, the mail man got confused... Cause the package isn't here yet! I gave my secret pal the new address... I know Susanna, I didn't even give you the new address yet... So, since the wishes for the PG&E man worked yesterday (he was there by 10:30, and I got a nice hot shower before lunch), I'm … [Read more...]