Archives for February 10, 2005


First, let me say that I can't find my camera. This doesn't surprise me, I did move over the weekend... Now to the good stuff! My secret pal so loves me! She loves me so much! She is the most awesome secret pal ever! I have never recieved such a wonderful, thoughtful gift, from a stranger! My secret pal sent me a box wrapped in a pink ribbon, with red heart stickers on it. She attached a beautiful valentines day card. Inside my box is the most awesome ribbon yarn. Trendsetter Yarns … [Read more...]

King Cake Baby!

On Tuesday, our Admin brought in a King Cake for Fat Tuesday. You know, I'm not Cathloic or anything, but I like a good piece of cake, any cake. So he tells me, just bite down slowly as you are eating... There is a baby in there somewhere, and who ever finds it has good luck for the year! Guess what? Does this mean my luck is changing? Maybe I should start dating now! … [Read more...]

That meme thing…

So last night I was still trying to think of my most embarrassing moment ever. I remembered one. Chris, Andrea and I went to see Deke Dickerson one night at The Blank Club. It was a while ago, before she got pregnant. It is well known to my group of friends that given the opportunity, I'd do Deke, in the van, outside the club. It's true. I would. So, it was a night I was wearing vintage, I had my hair done and my red lipstick on. I looked pretty good. The club was very busy that night. … [Read more...]