That meme thing…

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So last night I was still trying to think of my most embarrassing moment ever. I remembered one.

Chris, Andrea and I went to see Deke Dickerson one night at The Blank Club. It was a while ago, before she got pregnant. It is well known to my group of friends that given the opportunity, I’d do Deke, in the van, outside the club. It’s true. I would.

So, it was a night I was wearing vintage, I had my hair done and my red lipstick on. I looked pretty good. The club was very busy that night. I can’t remember who else was there that night. It might have been The Paladins.

Chris had a stool at the bar, and Andrea and I were standing in front of him. I was looking into the room. Deke started walking towards us from the stage. Chris pushed me into Deke. His shoulders got a breast sandwich. I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t even say excuse me. I just stood there, my face turning every hue of red. He just looked at me weird and went on to get his drink.

For as much as I think Deke is hot, I can’t talk to him. I just can’t. After that experience, I don’t think I ever will. I’m still horrified every time I think about it. Damn. I’ve turned red just reliving it.

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