Archives for February 11, 2005

Was SJSU Scobleized?

Let me tell you one of the things I love about the fact that I work at a university. There are always interesting people giving talks about random things. Actually, I've never attended one of these talks before. I've thought some of them have looked interesting, but I never really thought they were available to me. I feel bad about leaving my desk during the work day, you know, I want to be a conscientious employee and all that. Yesterday there were two big talks. One given by Gerald Cory … [Read more...]

Daisy’s new spot!

This morning I decided not to go work out so that I could spend a little more time with Daisy. She seems to be getting back to her old habits. She gave me a doggie bath when I got out of the shower. She played with a toilet paper tube. Actually, she seemed pretty happy this morning. Then, I pushed the bed in my mom's room under the window, and opened the blinds. I said, "Look Daisy!" and she jumped on the bed, and started stairing out the window. It was so cute! When I left, I said … [Read more...]