Archives for February 16, 2005

New phone number, new hastles

You know what is worst about moving? Ok, besides moving, unpacking, changing your address... Getting a new phone number. Allied Interstate, a collection agency, has been calling every day. Now, these people never called me before... They started calling the minute I turned this number on. Actually, the second. I've called, twice, to tell them they have the wrong number. The first time I was told that they would mark in the file that this was not the person they were looking for. I was … [Read more...]

Look out, Gwen got a new laptop!

I've been dying for a laptop for years. Years, I tell you. My current computer, while it does the job, is starting to get a bit sluggish. I know, it can't be more than about 5 years old. Here at the college that means that your computer gets replaced. Now, I'm not replacing my computer... I'm adding to my network. Hell, my new house is already wired with CAT5 in EVERY room. Can you imagine. No cable, no phone, but CAT5. Who knows. Now that I've started Grad School (did I forget to … [Read more...]