Archives for February 23, 2005

Who said that?

So... With my day (yes, I'm still singing the song) in full swing, I asked around and borrowed some cash for lunch. I felt lucky that I had someone to ask, luckier that someone had some cash on them. Normally I don't. So, I'm walking to the Student Union and this chick says to me "Now that's a great outfit!" Now, as cute as I may try to dress... people rarely shout out random things to me. Ok, unless they are menatlly ill. I bet you are wondering what I wore. I know you are. Cute … [Read more...]

I’m having a morning!

This morning, my alarm actually went off when it was supposed to. I guess that's when I should have known to stay in bed. I got up, smiled at the fact that I could still tell i had asparagus for dinner last night, and put on my workout clothes. Then Daisy and I went for our morning walk, I opened her window, put food in her dish and blocked her from the front of the house. Then I even remembered to move the parking sticker to the other car, and I went to work. At 7:05 am, I arrived in my … [Read more...]