Archives for February 27, 2005

Current Projects

I've been busy knitting (instead of doing homework), and I wanted to share... This is the olive green purse that I'm going to felt using the Tiur Dalegarn I got at Stiches. I'm really enjoying the pattern. I love that it's so huge right now. That means that it's going to felt up to the point that you can't see the stiches. That's the way I like it. I think the color is fun, and in the end, the bag is going to have a 40's feel. At stiches I bought 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in this beautiful … [Read more...]

Jamie Foxx!

Hello? He was the only choice. I like Leo, but damn, he is just to full of himself for me. … [Read more...]

Academy Awards…

So, I'm watching the Awards, doing homework and eating dinner. Then, the commercials started. So, the first weird one was Pepsi. Spartacus? What? Is this a new commercial? I just couldn't believe how absolutely stupid it was. I thought it was stupid when Budweiser used old movie footage to make a commercial. But to think that Spartacus would really want a Pepsi? Hello? What? I think I'm getting old. Then there was the McDonalds commerical. This commercial shows two Chinese girls … [Read more...]