Family night

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Daisy and I headed up to Mountain View last night for family night. It’s the first time I’ve really been up there since I moved.

I can’t tell you how much I missed family night. We ordered pizza, ate moose tracks ice cream and watched Without A Paddle. It was so much fun. Daisy was so snuggly, she even sat on Tess’ lap for a while. Tess is convinced that she can turn Daisy into a lap dog. HAH! I doubt that will ever happen.

Brendan runs the Santa Clara County Cookie Cabinet for the Girl Scouts. I think he had more than 1000 cases of cookies in his garage. It’s not bad enough that I ordered 4 boxes from Kayla when she was selling them, but seeing all those cookies in that garage guilted me into buying 4 more boxes. Oh well, I love Girl Scout cookies. I’ll put them in the freezer.

Unfortunately, Carol wasn’t home. I know that Daisy would have loved to see her.

Daisy and I drove by the old house. It’s funny. I didn’t even miss it. I thought I’d have a bunch more emotion, but I didn’t. I think I’m glad to have left the ghosts of that house. I’ve seen my old dog Pete here at the new house. Mom was right that he was going to come with me. Brendan told me that the new neighbours have already been walking the greenbelt in a drunken stouper. He said I moved out before the riff-raff moved in. Then he said, oh that’s right, they moved in because you moved out.

I guess they miss me too.

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  1. Yum… moose tracks.