Archives for June 2, 2005

Deco Show in SF

I think that this Saturday I'll be heading up to SF yet again. Not to the Haight this time, but to downtown. You see, the annual Art Deco Show and Sale is this weekend. Normally, I forget. For two years, I've been forgetting. Lucky me, I remembered about 2 weeks ago, and I wrote it down on the calendar. YEAH! Now, after my shopping spree of last week, one would wonder why I would torment myself by going to the deco show. Well... Let's see. I am going to torment myself because the house … [Read more...]

I have smart family!

I've known for a very long time that my cousin Cindy's son Toren was smart. A long time. When my mom and I went to Germany in 1997, you could see it. He was bilingual, German and English. He was doing very well in the German schools, surpassing all of the teachers expectations. On top of all that, he played soccer, and other european sports. He is just an all around, well rounded kid. About a month ago, Toren got into Georgetown. Not only did he get in, he got a full scholarship. No … [Read more...]