Did I ever tell you how much I hate PG&E?

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I’m sure I have talked about my hate/hate relationship with PG&E before. I’m sure I have. Today, once again, I called asking them how much I really owe, because I’m sure my bill is wrong. Last month when I called, the “supervisor” told me what the actual dollar amount was, and I paid it.

Today, the supervisor told me that I owed $180 and some odd cents. My actual useage this month? $63.00. That’s right people, PG&E is trying to take me for almost $120. I asked where this all came from. I mean really, I have a calculator, I have Excel… I can figure all this out. This “supervisor” told me that there had been a $190 charge that had never been taken care of. I asked when? Where? She then stated it was left over charges from the other property. I told her she must be mistaken. There is no way that we didn’t pay the finals of the bill.

I told her that her help told me that my bills for my house since I moved in were $284.29. I then told her that my total payments were $327.79. She said I was wrong. I listed all my payments to her, and to the last one she said, that doesn’t count. What? I just gave you $101.55 because I felt like it? She never did come up with a reason why it didn’t count.

Anyway, she is calling me back on Friday (because that is the fastest she can get my account records) to straighten all this out. In the mean time, I downloaded all my account information from the PG&E website (they actually have data as far back at 6/2003) in about 10 minutes and did the math in an Excel spreadsheet. From what I can tell, I’ve over paid by $59.28(if you just go by what I used vs. what I paid) or $4.61 if you go by the “balanced payment plan” option that we were on at the old house.

Either way, it doesn’t add up to me owing them $180.00.

I have absolutely no idea what kind of new math PG&E is using, but I can really see why they had all those accounting problems in the past. They really have no clue what is going on.

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  1. I am having problems with my council tax… Those guys can’t add up either. And they sent me a letter last week threatening us with court action. I mean wtf?