Wanted people to visit me in California!

I’ve been reading over at Snidget about her travels to meet other bloggers, then Cheeky did it too.

How is it that I get in on this action? I want to travel to meet you guys! Or you can come visit me… The room is ready, remember?

Ok, so I don’t drink, but I get drunk by proxy, I promise! I promise a good time will be had by all, ok, once I get over the shyness thing.


  1. I’m totally coming at some point.  And the invitation is always open to come visit the south!

    We need a blogger meetup.

  2. And I was so close, too! We don’t have a spare room but if you’re ever out this way I’d love to do the touristy thing with you!

    Also, I’m completely with Snidge on this one. We should plan a blogger meet-up. My vote is for a city none of us live in. We can find a cute hotel and all get away from the daily grind for a long weekend!

  3. Hey, I’m already in California!!!  We should meet in between smile

  4. Chez Tremoulet always has room available, especially for other knitters!  (I can even teach you to spin if you want!)

  5. I wish I could! I Loved San Jose area when I visited a couple years back. Too bad I wasn’t a Blogger back then ;(