Wanna know why I laughed that my dad’s car got crashed?

I asked him if he wanted to have dinner Saturday night. I’m kinda feeling bad I didn’t do anything for him on fathers day, so I thought we could have dinner. {My dad didn’t even tell me he was in town for fathers day, so I shouldn’t feel that bad} Wednesday, I called, he said, “Sounds fine… I’ll call you later and confirm.”

Friday around noon I get a message from him saying that he was at DFW wating for his flight, which was delayed, to Detroit. No explanation or anything… Just that he didn’t think dinner was going to work Saturday.

You know, this is my relationship with my dad. Me wanting one, him ignoring me, or blowing me off. It’s been like this since I was a kid. 30 years later, nothing is different.

So in some strange way, a crashed jag is karma’s payment for being a crappy dad.


  1. Karma does kick ass at times.

  2. Aww!  That’s so sad…  But at least his Jag got screwed up! smile

  3. Karma kicks ass! Case in point!

  4. Now that’s the kind of karma I like. wink

  5. Aww Do, I’m sorry.. :(

  6. Some dads just are crappy…I’m sorry yours is one of them. Mine isn’t so great either…lots of let-downs for the past 28 years. My brother (who has a different dad than I do) just graduated from highschool last month- his dad drove all the way from Indiana to Michigan for graduation, and then left without even talking to his son to go to a country club with his loser twin brother. JJ thought he was going to spend the rest of the day with his dad, but NO! Instead, the jerk-off needed to go play golf.

    So, I can relate to you- sorry to get so fired up! I guess the positive thing about this, is that when we get married, we will be on the look out for the ones who will be good husbands and good dads!

    Take care!