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Max 2005

So, I'm at Max now. Spent the day at DisneyLand yesterday. Yes, postcard people, I bought some! Class is starting now, so I'll tell you more later! … [Read more...]

Today’s bliss is…  a box full!

So, my SP6 pal has been reading me, which is super cool (Hey there SP6!). And last week, when I was feeling really down, she sent me a little note telling me that bliss was on its way. Low and behold, I get home from class (at 9:45 pm) and there is a box waiting for me... With PINK duct tape holding it closed! Lookie what it says. Seriously! How cool is that? "Have a box of bliss!" That is so cool. But then, I opened it. Lookie my bliss! She sent me some home-made maple syrup (for the … [Read more...]

Spoil-A-Blogger gift pictures!

So, I told you all about my Spoil-a-Blogger package on the 22nd, and then I was evil and didn't take pictures. I had my camera out, and here is some of my loot. First, the earrings. They are lovely. I'm wearing them today. My Spoil-A-Blogger pal really did a wonderful job. Apparently, someone at her office made them. I really love them. Then, lookie how cute this is. It's a doggie magnet! I put it on my fridge today. Now, I just need to find a picture of Ms. Do to put in it. … [Read more...]

Lets have some effing bliss.

So there can be bliss. Really. I got several professors to fill out my survey. Bliss. Beautiful day where I actually dressed appropriately for the weather, bliss. Talking to my boss about office politics, finally. Absolute Bliss. … [Read more...]

Podcasting?  Yep, gonna do it.

So, for one of my classes (that I'm technically caught up on, kinda) I have to write a lesson plan. I had to pick a subject, do a needs assessment, do a learner analysis... You know, fun educational things. So, I decided that I was going to get really excited about Podcasting, and share that with the professors on campus. Believe it or not, I am really excited. Seriously. I know, I've not really been very excited about much of anything (unless I'm spending money, then I'm pretty … [Read more...]

Falling behind…

So, for the first time in a very, very, VERY long time, I did not turn in a homework assignment on time. No where near on time. Actually, it was due last Wednesday. I just didn't have it in me to do it. Not that I really have it in me now. I've just about finished it, but I've got another one really due tomorrow. That one isn't done either. I don't know why I don't want to do my homework, but it's a bit irritating. I know what I need to do, and I don't know why I am adverse to doing it. … [Read more...]

Thursday’s Bliss - and my spoil-a-blogger pal loves me!

Todays bliss is all about my spoil-a-blogger pal! She sent me the nicest package! First, she sent Walkers chocolate shortbread cookies! Yummy! Then, there is a little doggie picture frame (where a picture of Ms. Do will go ). It's cute as a button! She sent this yummy smelling peppermint & plum softening foot lotion to save me all kinds of cash on over-priced pedicures! I think she might have something here! And let me tell you, I always need to save money! Finally, she sent the most … [Read more...]

Maggie?!?  Howie picked Maggie?

What can I say? BB6 has been horrible this season. Yep, I watched. Yep, I had that 24/7 feed. I watched Maggie manipulate people, lie to others, and walk away with $500,000, the whole time claiming that she was an angel. I don't know how long it is going to take her to see the error of her ways, if she will even be able to one day... But she is no angel, she lies, cheats and steals just like everyone else does. I hope she falls off her high horse VERY HARD, VERY SOON. And, I want to tell … [Read more...]

Found that camera, and more bliss…

is this a beautiful moon or what? … [Read more...]

Tuesdays Bliss

Today, my bliss is that my mom came out of surgery without complication. Every time she goes under the knife, I thik she won't be back. I'm lucky that she does everytime. I also learned that I can knit most of a cable scarf in a day. Who would have thunk it. Who knows where my camera is again... Wait there is no bliss in losing misplacing your camera yet again. found it! and believe it or not, but that yarn is so lavendar in person. It's really not pink. Bought the yarn on Vancouver … [Read more...]