It’s socks, I think…

So here is the deal with the Knitting Olympics.  I’ve decided to do the socks.  I know, for you sock knitters that seems pretty simple.  Honestly, I know they are not difficult, but I have this weird adversion to them.  I feel like the needles are so small, and I will forever be dropping the double points.

Then there is also the issue of what a slow knitter I am.  I try to be quick, really I do…  But, I’m just not.  There are just so many non-work hours in a day, and I do have a little life.  I have to knit a large sqare for my class this weekend, and it’s taking forever.  It’s like I can only get 4 inches or so done a night.  If I try and do a sweater, I’ll never finish.  I don’t want to set myself for failure.  And, we all have to remember, classes start on January 30th (and Stitches West is the 17th of February).

I’ve made my little decision…  Socks.

So, to make things a bit more difficult, I’m going to do a lace pattern.  I’m going to make falling leaves.  It should work well with my twinkle toes yarn, and my colorway is cotton candy (or pretty close to it).  I’m also going to try making both socks on the two circular needles.

Honestly, I’m glad I made the decision, but I’m fricking scared to death!  Size two needles!  God, I hate it.  But, it’s supposed to be a challenge.  This will be a challenge.


  1. I’ve been too afraid to even attempt socks.  The double pointed needles just scare me!

  2. I have yet to try sock knitting, but if you’re not sold on the socks, you can always try entrelac with me. smile

  3. You could always try the 2 circular (my fav) or magic loop if the dp drive you nuts.  I find it helps me knit faster too… smile

  4. I’m all about the Magic Loop.  And if the size 2 needles are freaking you out, just think of me finishing up my Jaywalker socks on a size 000!!!  They are almost as thin as the cable that holds them together.

    Socks, in lace, and on two needles.  That sounds like a good challenge to me!  And really, that is the point in the end, isn’t it?  All about the challenge.