Archives for February 1, 2006

Secret Pal 7’s first strike!

Lookie what I got!  A really cute postcard from my secret pal!  Isn’t it nifty?  It feels like it is water color paper that she printed a cool knitting needle picture on to!  I ADORE it!  I have to keep an idea book for my EDIT 273 class, and I’m putting it in there!  I think it is so creative!  Thank you so much SP7!  I’m watching the mail! … [Read more...]

98% done!

On Saturday, my kitchen got doors.  I can’t tell you how nice my kitchen is.  Really, I can’t.  I have yet to have an opportunity to work in it.  Between my different classes, and mini personal life, I’ve barely been home to spend any time in it.  My mom tells me that it is lovely.  There is so much counter space that it’s hard to chose where to work.  It’s very zen in there, except for the can lights.  They make the whole … [Read more...]