98% done!

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On Saturday, my kitchen got doors.  I can’t tell you how nice my kitchen is.  Really, I can’t.  I have yet to have an opportunity to work in it.  Between my different classes, and mini personal life, I’ve barely been home to spend any time in it.  My mom tells me that it is lovely.  There is so much counter space that it’s hard to chose where to work.  It’s very zen in there, except for the can lights.  They make the whole room so bright!  We are looking to get lower wattage bulbs.  Who would have guessed that 6 65 watt bulbs shining down on you would be so bright!  I’m going to get the ceiling painted this weekend, an then I can put the trim rings in, and the only thing that will need to happen is putting up base boards.  Thats it!  It is wonderful, isn’t it?

gwen's kitchen view 1
gwen's kitchen view 2
gwen's kitchen view 3
gwen's kitchen view 4
gwen's kitchen view 5
gwen's kitchen view 6
gwen's kitchen view 7
gwen's kitchen view 8

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  1. Love the cabinets!

  2. Oooohh, what a beautiful kitchen. I love the wood doors. It reminds me of wainescotting.

  3. it is looking realy good

  4. I LOVE those cabinets…

  5. Oh, it’s so PRETTY!  It’s exactly what I would want for my kitchen!

  6. I love the cabinet doors, they look so gorgeous! And I love all that fruit you have on the counter. It is beautiful.
    If there’s too much light in your kitchen, maybe you could give some of it to me!

  7. It looks AWESOME!

  8. OMG! I love those cabinets! Where did you get them? And the appliances. It is very Zen, very chic and I love it! Have I mentioned how much I love it? wink