Archives for March 2006

SP7 Strikes Again!

I feel so remiss… My SP7 sent me a little package this week! Granted, my laptop has been out of commission, but really that is no excuse, so SP7, I’m sorry I haven’t posted pictures earlier. The package included these really cute earrings! Aren’t they lovely? Notice the little daisy beads? Cute huh! Then lookie here! Matching stitch markers! They are uber cute, and they are all pink! The only stitch markers that I had before weren’t good for use on bigger needles … [Read more...]

When did drinking tea become so sexual?

Last night I had another boy’s night experience. I thought I was just going with the Man from Xeno, and maybe one of his friends, but it turned out that JT was going to join us as well. Honestly, if I had known before hand that he was going to join us, I probably wouldn’t have gone. It’s not really that I have anything against JT, he is a nice guy, but there was this conversation, well no, a statement, about me to one of our other friends… It wasn’t really nice, and … [Read more...]

Lookie!  I have a new skin!

I’ve been working hard on a new spring skin.  It’s taken about a month off and on, but I’m pretty pleased with it.  I can say that I looked at the css code that Reese made for some of my other skins, and modified it to work with what I wanted.  I’m learning all about containers and such.  I’m loving the control you can have over the objects on the page. Pretty soon I’m going to have mastered this css stuff, I can’t wait! … [Read more...]