SP 12 - Question 13

If you were told you could never again buy yarn, would would your last yarn purchase be?
I think it would be Cascade 220.  I really do.  It’s versatile, there are a TON of colors, and it felts so well!

If you were told you could never knit again, what would be the last thing you’d knit??
I’d make a felted bag.  I really would.  I’d think about a sweater, but I’m pretty sure it would be a purse.

In a given year, how many times do you buy yarn? And what is your favorite place to buy yarn from? A festival? A shop? Online? Dish your favorite places!!
I used to buy yarn more often, and my favorite place was Knitting Arts.  They are closed now.  I love Stitches West…  But it’s very dangerous.  Very.

Lastly, with Fall in full swing in many areas, what is the one thing you look forward to most?
I’m looking forward to the cooler weather, and wearing sweaters!


  1. Your secret package is on it’s way!

  2. Hi Daisy! Just hoping you enjoyed your Secret Pal Package !

  3. Hey you, how are you doing…..

    Let’s see an update of that beautiful baby boy!