LOAD520 – Day 30

Let me say that my celebration bread is good. It tastes like a cinnamon roll. I’m really sad that I forgot about the fruit. I will make it again and add the fruit. I will not let my poolish sit in the fridge so long. I will weigh my flour. I will not bake at 10:30 pm.

This morning Scrap Happy had a scrapbook live session, so my layout is done well before 12 noon. I’m so happy about that.

We are going to have lunch with John’s mom today. I’m really not sure about this. Honestly, she is not doing a good job with social distancing, and now she is going back to church. I would imagine we won’t be seeing her for a long time after this. The church thing is a risk I’m just not willing to take.

Abbey LOAD – Day 30: Because (song)
Story: New perspective, tell a story from behind the scenes.
Technique: Mix up your process and create your page backwards, or include backwards items!

This one was simple. I actually used the photos I was going to use for yesterdays prompt. I have pictures of Sprinkle head first into my container of Hersey’s kisses. There are kisses unwrapped, and one has a bite out of it. They are fun. When Sean saw Sprinkle in the morning he said, “I know it was Daddy,” and walked away. It was such a sad morning. First, he basically said I don’t believe in the Sprinkle magic, and second, I did it! Dad had nothing to do with it.

scrapbook layout of our elf on the shelf Sprinkle.

Let me tell you, besides the fact that my Christmas papers are hard to get to, this layout really did come together rather quickly for me. Wait, I started around 9:30ish… That’s 2 hours or so… Well, quickly for me is what I said. I used Simple Stories December Documented. The letters are Snap! by Simple Stories, and the others are Corrugated Cardboard Letters by Jillibean Soup. I pulled things up, popped them up, but them back in the same place. I placed the title on plain red paper, changed my mind, pulled them all off, and put them down on different paper. I hate it when I have days like this. I’m still not super happy with that cream strip. I see it being fixed before the day is over. I’m going to cut it to match the black edge on one side, and then flag it on the other side. It will be better then. I hope.

I am going to keep doing Elf on the Shelf. I love Sprinkle. Even if Sean doesn’t care so much any more.

updated layout of sprinkle with changes mentioned above.

See? Better. Have a great day!

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