Civil Discourse

Let me start by saying, I don’t like my city councilperson. I didn’t like her when she was on the school board, I don’t like her now. I think she doesn’t listen, she is out of touch, and she sides with power, not with people. Just my experience. When her District 9 Newsletter hit my email today, I read it. I don’t normally. It’s mostly rah-rah stuff. I read it this time. I want to know what we are going to do about the police. There was some fluff, then the protest is ok as long as… CONDITIONS! WHAT THE F*CK. When the protesters are being violated by the police, it really doesn’t matter anymore. At some point it’s self defense. I don’t like the looting and the vandalism either, but I kinda get it. But this isn’t happening to me, so I am not going to speak one way or another. What happens is going to happen. If the city doesn’t want violence, then they need to take off their gear and march. It worked in Flint.

In your latest newsletter you said absolutely nothing in regards to what San Jose was going to do about its racial inequities. You didn’t talk about the problems with racial profiling and inappropriate behavior in our own police department. You said “however vandalism and looting are unacceptable.” “This takes education. A free press. The right to peacefully protest. And people prepared to listen.” So, you know the buzz words. You went on to tell us that you are “working to ensure that we continue to beef-up our police force with the continuation of our Hire Ahead program.” You never mentioned what YOU, and the city are going to DO about the problems within our own police department. You didn’t even give lip service of a “task force.” The Hire Ahead program only makes sure we get more police officers. You talk nothing of training and development, which the officers in San Jose clearly need. You talk nothing of fixing the “old boys club” that currently exists in our force. You can be “woke” in your Facebook posts, but until you are willing to realize that you are part of the problem, it’s just lip service. You’ve had plenty of time to think of something besides lip service. But your copyright in your newsletter says “copyright 2019”… It’s 2020. It’s time for change. I expect you to be in forefront of change. I expect you to know that the violence we saw wasn’t the protestors, and to know there is a difference between protesting and looting and destruction and theft. I expect more from you and from this city. You wanted this job. Prove to me that you actually deserve it.

I did get a response. I’m not impressed. Honestly, their training isn’t working. They need new training. Just like our teachers. I will be at the San Jose City Council Meeting on Tuesday. I hope you will join me.

I’m still working on 2016. This was the last day of 8. There were lots of things going on, but we went the the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. It was a good day. We saw the penguins, we saw the butterflies, we saw the rocks! I don’t ever remember seeing the rocks before, but Sean loves rocks. So, we went.

Scrapbook layout of Sean holding rocks.

This layout was hard. I started with a sketch. I know, I know, it always takes me forever, and tonight was no exception. I was going with some other paper, then I found this floral that kinda felt rock-ish… I really like the brown on the back. It’s really old Crate Paper, Brook Collection, Wild Flowers. After much searching I found this My Minds Eye, Collectable by Jen Allyson, Notable “Wonder” Lovely Paper that matched so nicely. It did all I wanted it too. Let me just say, I love the title. The hound over the rock. So good. I put the embellishments on. I’m not happy with the one in the upper left corner, but I tried to take it off and it ripped the paper. Oh well, it stays. 11:02. Done.

Did you practice some civil discourse today?

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