Days meld together

It’s the last day of school. The teachers closed the classrooms and walked away. Any hopes I had for continuing learning over the summer using SJUSD resources is gone. I had asked for the social studies classroom TCI program to remain open so Sean could work on the things he just didn’t get too. Sigh. When things go slow, there really is no opportunity to catch up. John reminded me that we still had the text book. We will move back to paper.

Speaking of paper…

scrapbook layout of Sean having a garage sale.

John rode into work for something, I was supposed to go to Target and the pet food store. It is hot. I decided not to go to the store. I think the curfew is not in effect tonight, but I’m not sure. We need to go soon. I decided to stay in the air and work on 2016.

I looked through the pictures and decided that the impromptu garage sale was the right way to go. I also knew I wanted to use summer papers. So these are Simple Stories again. They are from a mini book kit. Originally this didn’t have the orange behind, but it needed something, and that orange around the outside really did it. I added the Nuvo dots, to kind of look like bubbles, just like soda pop. I think the black hearts are too dark, but the help the eye move around the page. I’m super happy with the title.

I really felt inspired this morning. I’m so glad it turned out.

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