It’s Wednesday, June 3

I’m still keeping pretty silent on social media. The school district said that testing and contact tracing in place before the kids can go back to school. I don’t know of many parents that are going to go for that. I don’t mind the contact tracing, but the testing… It’s not a comfortable thing. I’m just not sure. I’m sure that the contact tracing is going to be a problem for most.

I made dinner at lunch time today. I like it better that way actually. I’d rather snack at dinner. Then, I made more hand pies for Sean. He really likes them. I think he must be Cornish.

It was a quiet day. One last 1/2 day of school. School. Sigh. He’s been out of school for months now. It’s so anti-climatic.

I’m still working on documenting 2016. Sean and Grammy love to play cards together. I think it’s because there really isn’t much more to do up there but watch television.

Scrapbook layout of Sean and Grammy playing cards

I found the heart paper in my scraps, then found scraps to go with it. Used none of them. Cut the Hello paper, which I’m sure I have scraps of, but didn’t feel like looking for them. I really liked this Simple Stories camera. But I was having a horrible time with the front, I turned it over and loved the back. I found some My Minds Eye journaling cards with hearts, and colors that basically match. I loved the Love Love titile, so there you have it. Another one bites the dust.

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