Never ending drama

I hate asking my husband for help. I can never expect it right away, unless it has to do with food. I can ask, and weeks will go by. Either things just don’t get done or I just do it myself. My son is turning into that same guy. I ask him to do things, and they don’t get done. I asked him to clean his room. He rolled around on his bed for literally 4 hours yesterday, complaining profusely that it is unfair that he should have to clean his room. That was yesterday. It’s 4:44 pm. I told him there was no Fortnite until his room was clean, he pulled up the cans from the curb (which I did before 12 as to not get a ticket from the city), pick up the poop in the backyard, mow the lawn in the front and back, and chop down the really big weeds on the patio. He’s told me his room is done. I think he was working on the poop earlier… He’s mowing the front now. 4:44 pm. He has wasted the whole damn day.

There is something I asked my husband for help with. I hope he did it. I’m getting angry about it.

We had a nice time in Las Vegas while we were there. We wouldn’t stay where we stayed again, and NEVER will do a time share presentation again, no matter what the hook.

Playing Miniature golf with KISS was so much fun. I don’t even like KISS, but the experience was awesome. It’s all glow in the dark with black lights. So really you can see, well not much in the pictures. It’s just fun.

scrapbook layout of us playing miniature golf sponsored by KISS.

I did some layouts for Scrapbook Island’s Creative Escape, oh 2 years ago now. One of my last layouts was using Good Vibes by jen allyson for My Minds Eye. Let me just say, like Emoji Love by Simple Stories (which I also did a layout for), this is a difficult line to work with. The colors are really bold, and the pink foil, is well, never mind. However, I really thought that this paper would work really well with this specific occasion. (It turns out Emoji Love would have worked here too.) The colors really match the feeling of the photos, and I felt grateful I still had a rather subdued full sheet for the background.

The pictures really weren’t working on the background, but the addition of a bit of black really set those pictures off, and still allowed the background to move your eyes to the center of the page. I was able to use the ephemera that came with the paper to embellish, as well as a KISS logo that I downloaded and cut out. That green rock on! really finished things perfectly.

Another layout in the album. Yay me.

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