Mini Load July 2020 – Day 1

Oh did I need today. Today, John rode his bike into work. Today, Sean went to a friends house, and stayed all day. Today, I went to Starbucks and got tea, and played Pokemon, and wasn’t bothered by anyone. No phone calls. No what’s for lunch. No nothing. It felt so normal.

Now I get to worry about Sean getting something. I hope not. I am not worried about school. The teachers union put an end to that, thank god. It’s not that I don’t care about those families who work, I do. But, I don’t want my kid to die, and more than that I don’t want to die. I’m with the people who say, you’ve got to live your life. Do it. Go for it. I really hope that nothing happens, and they don’t get sick. I’m still not willing to risk it.

LOAD Mini 720 – Scrap the Rainbow!
Day 1: Red
Story: Inspired by the colour of passion and intensity, create a page about something you are intensely passionate about!
Technique: Use red papers or a big red embellishment.

Scrapbook layout: Sean on the fire truck at Disneyland throughout the years.

One of the only problems in my new space and well my eyes, is that I can’t see red very well. I think I’ve actually used orange instead of red. That’s ok. It’s still super cute. I’m mourning giving my Disney stuff to a friend to use for an album. It’s been over a year. I’m not going to get it back, so I’m working with what I’ve got that’s close. I will be replacing it soon. I don’t think I’m ever going to get it back.

Sean LOVED the fire truck at Disneyland. Every time we went, he would spend hours on it. It was crazy, and there isn’t really a bench for you to sit on while you wait for your kid to crawl all over it. I thought it was the perfect story for this prompt. He really was obsessed.

I liked the papers I used, although, I think I’ve used a red orange and a dark navy blue instead of red red and black. I’m not sure I care. In the dark it looks good. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of journaling. This is one of those times. It was fun going back in time and finding all those pictures, year after year… There were more, but it was harder to see the bench, and 5 wouldn’t have looked good.

It seems weird not to be a guest designer. Oh well. I’ll post the sneak peek one I did tomorrow. Another day, another day at home.

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