LOAD520 – Day 12

What a day. You know when your kid punches a hole in the wall, you think about things. So, I made bagels. Well, I started bagels. I started Anadama bread too, but that was just soaking polenta. I made the bagel dough, shaped the bagels and refrigerated them. I made chicken pot pie for dinner. It was good, but the crust was going to kill me. We almost went out. I got a grip. I did not punch a hole in the wall. I did go out and play Pokemon Go for a little bit. Not too long. The … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 8

There were lots of things impeding me from working on my layout today. My lovely son forgot my name today, because I heard "mom" about every 15 minutes. At one point I had everyone in my work space playing Pokemon Go. I closed the door, and people knocked, then dogs barked at me. Apparently, Archie was doing his rounds, and was very disappointed that the door was closed so he barked at me until I opened the door. And, I think it's time to get off of Facebook again. I just can't take it. I love … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 6

Today has been 7 business days since I emailed the Guided Studies teacher for help. She also got a request from the principal the same day. 7 business days. And just think, this woman is supposed to provide 2 - 3 hours of work for Sean each week, or support him with the work he already has, but is falling behind with. I think she sees this as a vacation. I just reminded the principal that we've had no contact from her. Again, I digress. I am scrapbooking. I am part of the ScrapHappy … [Read more...]

LOAD 520 – Day 2

It's beyond hard to realize that we have been in this house for 7 weeks. Seven weeks. Breathe. Seven joyful weeks. Seven weeks full of complaining about school work. Seven weeks of avoiding reading. Seven weeks of the question "can I play Fortnight." Over and over again. But, I digress. Beatlemania: Story: Something you were/are crazy about; Technique: Subtitle/caption a photo on your page Well. I'm crazy about Sean, right? And he is crazy about Fortnight. One thing John and I … [Read more...]

LOAD 520 – Day 1

Today, for the first time in a long time, I feel like blogging. There is so very much to blog about. Today, is the 48th day of shelter-in-place in Santa Clara County because of Covid-19. I've not been to the grocery store in literally 3 weeks. I need to go too. I'm so missing fresh fruit and vegetables. We are out of milk. One thing we are not out of is flour. Around the time I went to the grocery store last, I also purchased 50 pounds of King Arthur's artisan bread flour. Commercial … [Read more...]

Now London?!?

I awoke this morning to bombings in London. I am so sad. I hear street names, underground station names, and I know where they are talking about. I just don't get it. What to terrorists get from killing innocent people? I can't believe that it helps their cause any. The G8 summit is supposed to help deal with climate changes and poverty. Now instead of keeping those issues in the headlines, they are back on the back burner again... Taking a back seat to terrorists. And honestly, who … [Read more...]

Boy howdy, I wish I were so entitled!

I don't always read the Spartan Daily. Most days, I just glance at it. I pick it up, and see what the students are talking about on page two. Wednesday, a story caught my eye. A.S. director arrested by UPD Nguyen investigated for shoplifting Well, now, that sounded interesting. Apparently Mr. Nguyen walked into the bookstore, picked out some notecards, a calendar, some pens and some scantron forms. $19.22 worth of merchandise. I know, it's very easy to spend $20 bucks at the book store. … [Read more...]

Don’t Super Size me, really… continued

You know what? They haven't found the body that goes with the finger yet. I bet this will be a CSI episode before you know it. I'm thinking foul play. I'm thinking someone thought they could get away with something. I'm thinking... Glad it's not me. … [Read more...]

Don’t Super Size me, really.

I've been unable to eat McDonald's since I watched Super Size Me. Really. I haven't. Even when Reese suggested the Cadbury Mini Egg McFlurry. I don't even eat at the Burger King on campus. I don't even want to eat at Wendy's anymore (and I love the frosty!). Now that a woman found a finger in her chili. And, she found it at MY local Wendy's. The one I drive by twice a day on my way to work. God, if I didn't have enough reason to cook... I sure do now. … [Read more...]

One more thing…

San Mateo County wasted no time moving Scott Peterson to San Quentin. If justice was ever served in a case, it certainly was in this one. Unfortunately, it's going to be a long time before the state uses the needle. If anyone deserves it, this man does. … [Read more...]