Now London?!?

I awoke this morning to bombings in London. I am so sad. I hear street names, underground station names, and I know where they are talking about. I just don't get it. What to terrorists get from killing innocent people? I can't believe that it helps their cause any. The G8 summit is supposed to help deal with climate changes and poverty. Now instead of keeping those issues in the headlines, they are back on the back burner again... Taking a back seat to terrorists. And honestly, who … [Read more...]

Boy howdy, I wish I were so entitled!

I don't always read the Spartan Daily. Most days, I just glance at it. I pick it up, and see what the students are talking about on page two. Wednesday, a story caught my eye. A.S. director arrested by UPD Nguyen investigated for shoplifting Well, now, that sounded interesting. Apparently Mr. Nguyen walked into the bookstore, picked out some notecards, a calendar, some pens and some scantron forms. $19.22 worth of merchandise. I know, it's very easy to spend $20 bucks at the book store. … [Read more...]

Don’t Super Size me, really… continued

You know what? They haven't found the body that goes with the finger yet. I bet this will be a CSI episode before you know it. I'm thinking foul play. I'm thinking someone thought they could get away with something. I'm thinking... Glad it's not me. … [Read more...]

Don’t Super Size me, really.

I've been unable to eat McDonald's since I watched Super Size Me. Really. I haven't. Even when Reese suggested the Cadbury Mini Egg McFlurry. I don't even eat at the Burger King on campus. I don't even want to eat at Wendy's anymore (and I love the frosty!). Now that a woman found a finger in her chili. And, she found it at MY local Wendy's. The one I drive by twice a day on my way to work. God, if I didn't have enough reason to cook... I sure do now. … [Read more...]

One more thing…

San Mateo County wasted no time moving Scott Peterson to San Quentin. If justice was ever served in a case, it certainly was in this one. Unfortunately, it's going to be a long time before the state uses the needle. If anyone deserves it, this man does. … [Read more...]

Was SJSU Scobleized?

Let me tell you one of the things I love about the fact that I work at a university. There are always interesting people giving talks about random things. Actually, I've never attended one of these talks before. I've thought some of them have looked interesting, but I never really thought they were available to me. I feel bad about leaving my desk during the work day, you know, I want to be a conscientious employee and all that. Yesterday there were two big talks. One given by Gerald Cory … [Read more...]

Is Prince Harry just st-OO-pid?

So, this intrigued me this morning as I was getting ready... Katie Couric says something like "Prince Harry wore a Nazi costume to a party" and thus I had to sit down and watch. I think of the two princes, Harry is cuter (it's a red hair thing). So when I hear something about him, I just listen/watch. You know, the cute thing and all. Then they show this picture from The Sun and I'm thinking, is this kid just looking for trouble, or is he just stOOpid? Come on, you have no idea what to … [Read more...]

stomach flu

i've had stomach flu since sunday. it made house hunting very difficult, but i did it. yesterday was hell, and my fever broke about 6:30 last night. i'm still exausted, and i can even keep crackers in, but i'm feeling a bit better. i'll be home again today. i hope you are feeling a lot better than i am. … [Read more...]

miss manners takes on bloggers!

i was reading over at nongirlfriend about the fact that miss manners wrote a little somethin' somethin' about blogging. Friends are not the ideal receptacles for daily confidences that keep making these points, as it does not take long to discover. Their minds wander, causing them to misunderstand or forget what they were told. They are especially prone to forgetting they were told not to tell others. Their emotions don't always come out the way they were supposed to, and they make irritating … [Read more...]

what you talkin’ bout south africa?

i'm not religious, let me make that clear. but the thought that a country would cancel christmas is just wrong. i'm a HUGE fan of christmas, HUGE. i can't wait until christmas every year. i make a christmas cd, i buy way too many presents, i send christmas cards. i understand that for many, christmas is very religious. but for me, it's not. it's all about santa claus, snow and children. someone aught to take those politicians and smack them. what are they thinking? … [Read more...]