Playing hookey in the new house…

Today, I'm waiting for workmen. I just found out that the window guys aren't coming. That sucks. I took down all the blinds... Now, I have to put the ones back up in my room, or I have to sleep with no window covering. Eww. What a choice. I'm also waiting for the phone guy so that I can have DSL. That is very important. Really important. Then, there is the illustrious PG&E... When I had the house tented, they turned off the gas. That was so the house wouldn't explode. That is a good … [Read more...]

I cut my hair and purged an ex all in one weekend.

I can't believe I cut my hair. Ok, so I didn't cut it myself, but I asked someone to. I actually told my hair dresser that she had 5 inches to play with. Am I an idiot? Really, am I? She pulled out some razor looking thing and went to work. I swear to god, one piece looks like she took off 10 inches. I guess I wasn't clear enough. It's that 5 inches is really 5 inches thing. I'm not going to say I don't like my hair. I know it will be fine eventually, but damn, not only did she cut a … [Read more...]

I have a Garage Door Opener!

No keys, but I can go in my new garage anytime i want! Anyone want to help me pack this weekend? … [Read more...]

Daisy’s new lair…

For those who may be curious, here are some pictures of my new house. It is still staged, but you can get the general idea. Just click the picture for a bigger view. … [Read more...]

My house is not my house

It is official. My mother no longer owns 1504 Wild Rose Way. My parents purchased this property in 1986. Since then, my family lived there (as a unit), my dad lived there with my sister, then my dad lived there, then we tried to sell (and couldn't), then we rented it out. Finally, my mom and I lived there from 1998 untill now. Last year, my father forced my mother and I to buy him out. It was a huge pain in the ass. But, we did. Now, this house that has been my home for so many years, … [Read more...]