I won my Knitting Olympics!

Well, all I can say at this moment is, I am so proud. I was not quite sure I would make it. Seriously. This was really hard for me. I didn’t get to start during opening ceremonies. I went out to dinner. I tried two ways of knitting these socks, two sets of circular needles, and then a set of 40” addie turbos that I bought at Stitches West last weekend. The 40” magic loop method really did work best for me. I had trouble measuring, and the sock I made for the left foot (my bigger foot) is … [Read more...]

Embellishments with Emma King

Yesterday, I did something for myself. I know, shocking isn’t it. I’ve not spent a lot of time doing things for myself as of late. So, when I saw that Emma King was going to be at Knitting Arts for a one day class on embellishments, I decided that was something I really wanted to do. Part of taking this class came from the decision not to take classes at Stitches West. I had planned on it. Really, I had. Then I payed off one too many bills. Unfortunately, that meant that I … [Read more...]

It’s socks, I think…

So here is the deal with the Knitting Olympics.  I’ve decided to do the socks.  I know, for you sock knitters that seems pretty simple.  Honestly, I know they are not difficult, but I have this weird adversion to them.  I feel like the needles are so small, and I will forever be dropping the double points. Then there is also the issue of what a slow knitter I am.  I try to be quick, really I do…  But, I’m just not.  There are just so many … [Read more...]

Should I make a pair of socks for the knitting olympics?

Ok, so here is the deal… I’m very intrigued about doing the Knitting Olympics. I’m really interested in doing something that would be challenging to me, that would be fun… So here is the scoop. I have the yarn to make this sweater in a pretty gray or lilac (ok, so not very challenging, but pretty). I have some twinkle-toes sock yarn in pink that my SP4 sent me, that I’ve never used (and ya’ll know I have an aversion to knitting socks, maybe I could make lacy … [Read more...]

Recent knitting projects!

Just when you thought I must be too busy with bathroom upgrades to knit, I bring you my recent knitting projects! First, flowers!  All made from wool, most with the same pattern…  I like knitting flowers, they go really quick and you can do so much with them.  Embellish purses, put pin backs on them, just play with them! Then, purses!  I LOVE knitting purses!  The first, is a purse made from Noro Kureyon waiting for me to make a few more before I felt it.  … [Read more...]

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I’ve had this little weekend project since last September, new bathroom fixtures… Not that I’ve had a ton of weekend time to work on it, but I’ve had it. For Christmas, my Aunt came down from Davis to help out around the house. She offered to help me get my project going. We put together the base cabinet, and then I went and started the plumbing. Hmm. Things didn’t go as we planned. The plumbing fell apart in my hands. A very small set back. A plumber was called, … [Read more...]

The newest flower…

For those of you who are wondering just what have I been knitting lately, this is it. The flower. I enjoy making them because they take nill yarn, even less time, and they are beautiful! I also like finding the perfect button to put in the center! This is a vintage button from Lisa... Isn't it perfect? I gave this one to Jessica. She was wearing a differnt knitted flower on Monday, so I thought, she needed one that I made. Let me tell you, this one was hard to give away. And, for … [Read more...]

Just to keep you up to date, my projects…

This is a baby blanket I'm making for a woman at work. It's really a bright purple. It's knit corner to corner. I've got two skeins of the yarn, I figure I'll just keep increasing until I need to change skeins, then I'll decrease. Should work well. It's called sherpa. I started knitting this baby sweater for Ian, but I'm afraid he is too big for it now. I need to finish it, and give it to baby Rowyn. He should be able to wear it in a year or so. I bought this yarn at Stitches … [Read more...]

New to me knitting mag!

So, I get this email from Stitch Diva, saying how nice it was to meet me at Stitches West. Hmm. Do I remember meeting anyone? Who knows. Anyway, I perused the site and saw this logo down at the bottom... What is this I see? A new online knitting source for patterns? A Canadian Knitty! OH MY GOD! You know what they have a pattern for? Restraints. I know you don't believe me... I didn't believe it myself. I need to make these restraints. NEED to make them in a major way. Oh my god … [Read more...]

A LYS right around the corner!

I'm trying to start a stitch and bitch on campus. Today was our first meeting. Ok, well, there was just me and another woman, but that's fine. It's a start. We talked about all sorts of things, including where we buy our "supplies." She buys most of her fibers on eBay. I've bought somethings on eBay, but I really like to touch things before I make a purchase. I told her that I shop at Knitting Arts over in Saratoga. She was shocked! She said, why do you go that far? I told her the … [Read more...]