Making Lemonade!

As I mentioned before, I had my appendix out 4 weeks ago today. It was very scary. I knew something was wrong. I was listening to a conference call that started at 9 am. By 10, I was hurting. I called my husband when the call was over and told him something wasn't right. I went right to bed, and my son was amazing. He just had a quiet Lego kind of day. At 4 pm, I called my husband again and said, "You are coming home soon, right?" We fed Sean dinner, called a friend to take him, and went … [Read more...]

Thinking about ephemera…

I don't know about you, but I am an ephemera junkie. We go out to eat, I keep the kids menu, and often the receipt.  We go to the theatre, I keep the playbill, the ticket, and most times the coaster from the restaurant we had dinner at before the show. However, there are often times that I seek out things to buy as ephemera, and use in my scrapbooking.  A great time to do this in when you are on vacation!  We recently took a trip to England, and I was on the look out for things I could use in … [Read more...]