LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Eight, 8pm Reader

Looks like the rush is over, and we are back to normal.  Yay!  Lain challenged us today to talk about our bedtime routines.  I don't remember hugs and kisses, like Sean gets every night, but I do remember the 8:00pm bedtime.  I hated it.  I was sure there was so much going on in the house after I went to bed. But, in our house, we didn't have to go to sleep. We could be quietly in our rooms for as late as we wanted.  So, I would read.  I read tons!  I would wake up with books in my hands.  … [Read more...]

bunny ears

I know it seem like I've not been working, but REALLY I have been.  Today I was so inspired by this totally funny picture of Sean and Pop Pop.  We were having dinner at Red Robin, John pulled out his phone and snapped this before it died.  What a bit of kismet! I've been using up my Gossamer Blue kits, which I adore...  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm only keeping 2 months of kits together at a time, so I have no idea what month these are from, but I love these bubbles, and I ADORE the … [Read more...]

December Gossamer Blue Kit!

After a very long personal vacation, thank goodness I'm back to crafting.  I so miss my creative outlet, and more than that, I've missed my crafting besties.  We had a entire day on Saturday just crafting and chatting and eating.  I got there late (11:30 am) and didn't leave until I was kicked out at 1:30 am.  It was lovely.  I thought that the best way to handle it was to take my TWO unused Gossamer Blue kits from December and January, print out some pictures that I've been wanting to work with … [Read more...]

Oh Gossamer Blue, how I love you…

I can't tell you how much fun I had with this months Gossamer Blue kit.  I loved just about every element, and was so excited to get started. My first LO with this November 2012 kit was a picture I've been hording for months.  I love the quiet calmness of this photo.  You know that Sean was busy.  The cars are there.  But for the first time ever, on July 1, 2012, Sean passed out on the couch.  It had never happened before.  He hates naps.  But here he is, asleep on the couch.  The papers just … [Read more...]

Random Craftiness

So this week I found out that I had to do 4 layouts in order to get a free album from Gossamer Blue.  I thought it was 3, and I thought it was three "projects."  Bah.  Luckily I figured this out before the deadline, and whipped this baby out.   I've been working on a HUGE project for Scrapbook Island, and I was thinking Christmas...  Can you tell?  I also haven't printed any fall photos, which makes fall papers hard.  But, I think this worked out beautifully with some white Mr. … [Read more...]

Gossamer Blue October Kit

This weekend was the Crop Pink Crop at Scrapbook Island.  It is one of my favorite crops at the Island, as they auction off layouts, cards, and projects that have been on display at the store...  and that people have donated especially for the crop. I had a great time, and was grateful that I had my new Gossamer Blue October kit with me.  I figured that I was going to work exclusively with this kit, because, well, I LOVE it.  I'm so glad that I decided to give the club a try.  So worth my … [Read more...]

Gossamer Blue September Kit

How fun is Lori's new kit club Gossamer Blue!  I met Lori years ago at National Scrapbook Day at Scrapbook Island.  I was new to scrapbooking, and to my delight, she and her friend Debbie sat at my table.  They both worked on projects, while I worked on LOs, but I could see how creative she was.  Shortly there after she joined Lilly Bee's design team.  She was talking about doing a kit club way back then, and I'm so pleased that she finally has! My first take, I was trying to do a Pink … [Read more...]