Mini Load July 2020 – Day 1

Oh did I need today. Today, John rode his bike into work. Today, Sean went to a friends house, and stayed all day. Today, I went to Starbucks and got tea, and played Pokemon, and wasn't bothered by anyone. No phone calls. No what's for lunch. No nothing. It felt so normal. Now I get to worry about Sean getting something. I hope not. I am not worried about school. The teachers union put an end to that, thank god. It's not that I don't care about those families who work, I do. But, … [Read more...]

Just another day…

John went to take the car to get it's oil changed. Sean played Fortnite. I stared at these pictures from Memorial Day 2016 that have been on my desk for 5 days. I need to go to Costco and the grocery store. My three weeks of food in the freezer has dwindled to maybe 4... The stuff I really don't want anyway. Wednesday, I watched a Authentique Paper Facebook live where the crafter used "scraps" to make a subway tile background. I've been thinking about how to do this on the Memorial Day … [Read more...]

Never ending drama

I hate asking my husband for help. I can never expect it right away, unless it has to do with food. I can ask, and weeks will go by. Either things just don't get done or I just do it myself. My son is turning into that same guy. I ask him to do things, and they don't get done. I asked him to clean his room. He rolled around on his bed for literally 4 hours yesterday, complaining profusely that it is unfair that he should have to clean his room. That was yesterday. It's 4:44 pm. I told … [Read more...]

Civil Discourse

Let me start by saying, I don't like my city councilperson. I didn't like her when she was on the school board, I don't like her now. I think she doesn't listen, she is out of touch, and she sides with power, not with people. Just my experience. When her District 9 Newsletter hit my email today, I read it. I don't normally. It's mostly rah-rah stuff. I read it this time. I want to know what we are going to do about the police. There was some fluff, then the protest is ok as long as... … [Read more...]

Days meld together

It's the last day of school. The teachers closed the classrooms and walked away. Any hopes I had for continuing learning over the summer using SJUSD resources is gone. I had asked for the social studies classroom TCI program to remain open so Sean could work on the things he just didn't get too. Sigh. When things go slow, there really is no opportunity to catch up. John reminded me that we still had the text book. We will move back to paper. Speaking of paper... John rode into … [Read more...]

It’s Wednesday, June 3

I'm still keeping pretty silent on social media. The school district said that testing and contact tracing in place before the kids can go back to school. I don't know of many parents that are going to go for that. I don't mind the contact tracing, but the testing... It's not a comfortable thing. I'm just not sure. I'm sure that the contact tracing is going to be a problem for most. I made dinner at lunch time today. I like it better that way actually. I'd rather snack at dinner. … [Read more...]

The aftermath of LOAD…

I'm not done with LOAD. Yeah, I took a break. But I still want to scrapbook, still want to tell stories. Still want to talk about what is going on in the world, even if I am part of the problem. Knowing I'm part of the problem, I'm working now, but not posting until June 9. That way social media can be used for those whose voices need to be heard. That's not mine. I noticed that my 2016 album is quite light. It's not that there weren't stories, it was that I was in mourning for my … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 31

Abbey LOAD - Day 31 The Beatles The White AlbumStory: Crate your own story prompt using a song we haven't covered yet!Technique: Use a white background/leave a lot of 'white' space I've been spending better part of the past two days trying to get my white privilege in check. Trying to figure out how to fix this, because at my soul, I'm a fixer. When I got this prompt, I immediately thought Revolution. I should do Revolution and talk about the protests. Then I read the lyrics to … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 29

What a day! I had my DAR meeting this morning. Sean had his speech teacher at 1. We went cherry picking again! We got Starbucks and went to the grocery store. I made an unexpected dinner. Kathy Ellen said she'd like to talk. I talked to Kathy Ellen until 11. During that time, I baked celebration bread, but I forgot to put in the fruit. Oh well. Dang! It was a great day! Abbey LOAD - Day 29 - Come Together and I Am The Walrus (songs)Story: Scrapbook a story about something … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 28

I let John take care of the drama at the end of the day yesterday. He is still trying to get the "teacher" to make an appointment to teach about idioms. We turned in the revised art assignment. I know that Sean hasn't done what was asked for, but I don't think he knows how. I had told the teacher I didn't think Sean understood perspective, and this assignment really shows that. I made him do it again, it's totally different, he made some decent textures, but there is no perspective. Oh … [Read more...]