LOAD520 – Day 16

I'm done. I want to move. I want to leave and go to a county that lets you out. I want out. I'm guessing we could sell the house. I'm sure we could buy a house. There is one, in Aromas. Unfortunately, it's the wrong time to look at houses. It's the wrong time to pull him from school. It's just the wrong time. I'm just damn tired. Abbey LOAD Day 16 - Strawberry Fields Forever (song)Story: Scrapbook a page about how you connect with nature.Technique: Use strawberries or fruit … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 13

Today we were looking at a precious moment OR keeping things simple, one embellishment and a one word title.  Ok.  One.  Just one.  I can do that, right? So, I started out thinking that I wanted to keep working on the first day of my trip.  Our next real stop was a pull out on I-80E.  It was cold, it was misting, it was beautiful.  The perfect foil to the sugar sweet LO I did yesterday. I knew I wanted to use a wood grain paper.  I have a bunch of Hambly wood grain overlays, but I wanted … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 12

Today we were scrapping about change OR change your process OR use a sketch and change it. I decided to change my process. It is SO hard to change your process. It sucks most of the time. Honestly, every time I change my process I really don't like what I've done. So, I decided to try it anyway. Today I started with color. I never start with color. I never start with a piece of bright paper. This time, I remembered this piece of green paper. I've had it for years. Every time I go to use it, I … [Read more...]

LOAD517 – Day 5 – Hiking Yosemite

"Magic mirror on the wall! What would you like the mirror to tell you about yourself?"  I'd like the mirror to tell me that I  am a great hiker.  And, that I am a very athletic person... And that I can hike up to Vernal Fall Bridge. My mirror does not say that. Today, I used a map of the Yosemite Valley Shuttle System as the main patterned paper for my layout.  I love using maps in my layouts.  They tell so much about a story.  A map gives a layout information that maybe you wouldn't have … [Read more...]

LOAD517 – Day 4 – It’s my lucky day

I decided that I would scrap our October vacation, so today's prompt didn't really work for me.  "Tell a story about your childhood adventures in singing, dancing, acting, dress-up, or other ways you were the “center of attention”. Use tiny elements on your layout!"  Yeah, I'm not really in the mood to talk about my childhood...  Besides, I've got great stories I want to tell about the National Parks in California that we visited. I immediately thought about this Hambly overlay I had stashed … [Read more...]

LOAD517 – Day 3 – capturing stars

Today, we were given the best prompt, "All the words! Tell a big story with lots of words in the journaling OR tell the story of a sound or quote you often hear."  Woo hoo!  Journaling!  I love journaling!  I knew the perfect story.  Death Valley. When we first got to the park, it was dark.  There was no moon, just million of stars.  I knew that I wanted to try to capture the stars.  I took a picture of, well, nothing.  Of course I couldn't photograph those stars with my phone. Last year I … [Read more...]

LOAD517 – Day 2 – resist

Our prompt for day two of LOAD was, "no words! Embrace the silence of the silent films."  FYI, the whole point of scrapbooking is the words!  I mean really, it's virtually impossible for me not to have a word or two on my page.  But, when I thought about it, the perfect place to scrapbook without words is Manzanar.  I was looking for something ethereal, but broken.  I had a specialty piece of paper that is more fabric than paper.  I had a piece of scrap that looked like old wood.  I wanted … [Read more...]