LOAD218 – Day 15

Can I just say, it's Day 15.  I had to take Sean to rugby last night.  I had to go visit my dad today.  I had book club tonight.  I didn't have my book read until 6pm today.  Book club is at 7pm.  To say I've been busy is an understatement.  It's days like today that I think I'm just going to give up on LOAD.  And then, this happens... The prompt: I can do anything.  Something hard or difficult.  OR create a LO with 3 elements.  A large photo, 1 solid color cardstock, 3 pieces of patterned … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 11

Today we are scrapping our fun vacation and travel photos. There were other choices, like add vacation photos and use map-like embellishments. Hmm. I think this prompt I've been doing all of LOAD. While I did this challenge, I'm not sure I did it as well as I could have. For this prompt, I figured I had all my Devils Tower stuff out, so I should just finish ONE part of my vacation.  So, I thought I'd talk about the Junior Ranger program at Devils Tower National Monument.  Now, I have each and … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 9

Today's prompt was interesting. What have you started or created? OR create a LO using a wandering line of stitching or pen as a path through your LO. I decided to go with the second choice. When we went to Badlands National Park, we had no time.  The day was almost over.  We were hungry.  We really only had time to drive through.  I thought that was the perfect subject for this prompt.  I knew that I had a map of Badlands somewhere.  Then I started looking.  Not one was the size I was … [Read more...]