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John’s version of the proposal…

I wanted to propose to Gwen on a day that had some meaning and would be a surprise for her. We were going to see El Vez (the Mexican Elvis) on the 21st and it occurred to me that it would be really cool if I could do it on stage as part of the show. So on the 18th, I emailed El Vez at the email address found on his web site and I had a reply the next day. He said he would be glad to incorporate my proposal into the show and he had the perfect spot for it too! I really didn’t think … [Read more...]

Not sure I can tell all the story before I blow the secret

Yeah, I didn’t think so.  John has written up the story of the proposal…  Maybe I can get him to forward it to me.  It sounds better when he tells it. … [Read more...]

So…  Night one.  Dublin

It was raining.  I can’t expect you would imagine any different.  I didn’t.  I brought an umbrella, but with the loss, I really didn’t have a rain coat.  John brought a light weight jacket.  I’m not sure how he wasn’t freezing to death. We walked around the non-trendy shop area, and I bought two sweaters and a belt at Oasis.  I was surprised what a good shopper John is.  He is totally patient, let me look and try things on and … [Read more...]

I know you are dying to see…

John at the Guinness Factory.  We did some shopping at the factory, but the cue was so long, we decided not to take the tour. John is the tall one…  In the center. … [Read more...]

Did I leave off at Thanksgiving?

I did. Thanksgiving morning found a very excited Gwen on her way to the airport.  My mom dropped John and I off fairly early, I do remember that.  We easily checked in, and smartly, did not check a bag.  You know, if I don’t have to check, I don’t.  John and I had purchased tickets that took us from San Francisco to Chicago to Dublin.  Not a bad flight actually.  I always hope for a non-stop, but one stop?  Not that bad. As we waited for the … [Read more...]