even a ceo needs a fall back job

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scott-job-ad.jpg quoted from the NWU BizTech Offshoring Project:

Last month, Scott McNealy, CEO of SUN, blasted tech workers as clueless droids. Here’s Scott quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Alan Saracevic: “What is going to happen to the American worker if all the jobs went overseas?”

Scott McNealy: “You sound like a piano player in the old days when there were 35,000 piano players playing in front of every movie theater when they had silent movies. You’re saying, ‘Who’s going to employ all of us now that they have sound embedded in the films?’ ”

That was Scott’s opinion last month. Last week, SUN Microsystems restated their losses and SUN was downgraded by Wall Street. An Wall Street analyst said one of SUN’s problems was the personality of Scott McNealy, the CEO of SUN.

This morning, the following ad was spotted in the Palo Alto Weekly.

with attitude like this, i’m even more worried about arnold’s ability to do as he has claimed. are all the tech workers now going to work in the plants that arnold is getting to come back to california?

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