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1) Were you a HS algebra nerd?

me? no, i was a drama geek. i did like alegbra, and trig. but i was always afraid to take calculus, so i don’t think i could ever be described as a “nerd”. besides, i never was in one high school long enough for anyone to put a title on me. flint central, 1 semester, troy hs, 3 semesters, marion hs, 2 semesters, los altos high, 2 semesters.

2) What one (1) music group do you blast in your car?

lately? i’m doing the john mayer thing… but, the one i always go back to is REM. i switch around alot, but give me rem ‘reckoning’, and i’m a happy camper. pretty persuasion is really fun to sing along to.

3) What is your favorite color… Of sheets.

i’ve got a thing for light pastel pink 300+ count sateen sheets. i think other girls must too, because they are always sold out. :(

from rapidhate:

Were you a drama queen, or just into the drama?

drama queen? me? really now. ok, so i am a drama queen now, but back in the day, i just enjoyed drama. i started taking theatre classes when i was 10 or so. then i participated in flint youth theater, and acted in plays in high school. i still participated in costume production in college. i just really liked it.

What the deuce got you into webdesign?

you mean who the deuce. michael fuller got me started. it sparked this creative streak in me… and i just ran with it. now i can code and i try to design. i’m much better at telling people what needs to be fixed visually than figuring out a design myself. i have a bunch of friends who ask for artistic advice from me. my friend andrea and i work really well together that way…

mozilla, IE, or another?

damn, i hate microsoft, but i’m an ie girl. isn’t that sad. i think that’s sad. i’m so embarrassed… {hangs head in shame}

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