oh what a night…

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last night was gno. we had chinese. i sucked on my diet. i didn’t really have a good time. lots of baby talk again. i’m tired of baby talk. we even got into baby names… why should you not name your daughter daria? diarria {poot poot}.

after gno, i went to safeway to pick up supplies for the pineapple upside down cake. i got home around 7:30, and daisy was jumping up and down on me. we went for a very short walk and got her cookies at the neighbours (both sets).

then we get home, and i check her dish to make sure she had food. she had food alright, it was covered in ants. i killed and cleaned up ant death for 45 minutes. i’ve not had that many ants in my house for a long time.

then i started making my cake. i used my spring pan… i was having trouble with one of my burners, so i switched to another to melt the butter. when i put the pan in the oven, everything started smoking! the butter was dripping out the joints of the pan and my whole house was smoky!

i finally got to sit down and watch bb5 at 9:30 or so. i pulled out the cake when it was done, and sat back down on the couch. after a while, i said, eww, something smells of gas! i had accidentally left the messed up burner on low, and gas was spewing out. lovely. i’m trying to kill myself, and i don’t even know it.

i opened the windows, turned on the fans, and hoped for the best.

then i finished… my uber cool shall that i made with the yarn i got in victoria!
my new shall

well, i had to do something positive after all those things that went wrong yesterday! {see zoot, it’s my postitive entry!}

i’m glad yesterday is over. lets hope i don’t have another one of those days for a couple more months.

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  1. WOW…sounds like your day was pretty much like everyday is for me.

  2. what an awesome shall you created!! Wish I was handy with yarn and thread ;-(

  3. Okay, first of all? We had the ant/dog food problem too. I got those ant traps made by raid, and I laid them out all over the kitchen – – NO MORE ANTS!! Its a miracle.

    BUT – we did have a spider build a nest ON the UNDERSIDE of the dogfood bowl. What is it with bugs and dog food?

    Okay – also?  That shawl is gorgeous. Truly.

  4. That’s a seriously shitty day. Hope the cake still turned out to be all right. The shawl certainly did. What a beautiful thing!