DisneyLand - The Happiest Place on Earth!

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I left for DisneyLand on Wednesday. I decided to take a vacation day so that I could leisurely drive to Bakersfield and pick up Stephen at 6pm. It had been my hope that Stephen would have the day off. Hmph. He didn’t. That sucked. But, as it turned out, it was fine.

As soon as I got on the road, I hit traffic. I want to know how that happens! I get on the road at 1:00pm, and there is traffic. I’m thinking to myself, “Where did all these people come from?”. When I finally make it to Gilroy and get on Pacheco Pass, I go from moving at 25 mph to a dead stop. It took me so long to get from Gilroy to Casa de Fruita. I think it had to be over 45 minutes. This is normally a 10 minute ride. How sucky is that.

Right after I passed Casa de Fruita, the strangest thing happened. My nose started to run. I found some Kleenex, and started to blow. At first, I thought it was allergies, because it would clear up a bit when I got past the farms. Yeah, no. I was wrong.

Lucky for me I had 3 bottles of Ice Water in the back seat of my car. That stuff has Vitamin C added! I figured I’d just drink as much of that as I could and try to flush out what I knew was a little cold.

I only stopped once to go potty at a rest stop the whole way. I was pleased with myself. However by the time I got to Bakersfield, I thought I was going to have a major accident. I know, why tell you this? Because this was how I met Stephens mother for the first time. I called her to unlock the apartment so I could go to the bathroom. When she showed up and unlocked the door, I RAN in the apartment and found the bathroom. I didn’t even really say hello. I ran inside.

Stephen showed up not that much later. We decided to eat on the way, and headed out. Stephen had the brilliant idea of taking the 210 to the 99 rather than taking the 5 all the way into DisneyLand. Since I don’t know the freeways very well in LA, I agreed to this. We hit tons of traffic when we got to Pasadena, so we stopped at BestBuy and got dinner at Chipotle. See we had to stop at BestBuy so that we could get “Christmastime in the 909” Dinner was good. BestBuy was ok… I couldn’t care less about the cd. I didn’t like it, even for $5.

By the time we passed Covina, I realized what kind of bypass Stephen had suggested. I was pissed. This “short-cut” added more than 30 miles to our trip, and over 1 and 1/2 hours.

When we finally reached DisneyLand, I was totally confused. If you haven’t been to Anaheim lately, DON’T. DisneyLand EXPLODED. Streets that used to be there were gone. Just simply gone. I don’t know where they went. Stephen had absolutely no clue where we were in relation to the hotel. Neither did I. He kept telling me that we were at the parks entrance. We weren’t anywhere close to it. The entrance is where the old DisneyLand sign used to be. NOT where the entrance to Downtown Disney is. He got me all confused.

I finally called the hotel and got directions. If that’s what you want to call them. They told me the right streets to look for, but they told me to turn the wrong direction on those streets. Everytime they said make a right, they really meant make a left. I can’t tell you how many illegal u-turns I made that night.

By the time we got to the hotel and settled in it was almost 12, and i had been in the car for more than 12 hours. That, my friends, is wrong in a major way.

Stephen woke me up with his snoring several times that night. I thought it was funny and didn’t think to much of it. But I did kid him about it the next day. He didn’t take it too kindly.

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