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New Orleans here I come!

Sunday morning I leave for Max 2004. I am so excited that I can barely sit here. I've printed out all my materials, I've got the hotel, the plane, the airport shuttle. I don't think I've missed a step. EXCEPT I forgot to ask if anyone wanted a postcard. Now, I have some of the usual postcard wanters addresses already in my gmail... But if you want a postcard from the big easy, simply send an email to daisydo at gmail dot com. I leave New Orleans on November 5, so let me know early so I … [Read more...]

Felting, felting, felting!

Tonight I felted the three other bags... I felted the Noro first. It took almost an hour. I was shocked! I expected 20 minutes. But everytime I looked, nothing was happening. Finally, I boiled some water, pulled the purse out of the washer, poured in the boiling water, let things agitate, and put the purse back in. Finally, it began to shrink. FINALLY. It's still not quite as small as I'd like, but I think it came out ok. I forgot to take a pre-felting picture. That made me … [Read more...]

Am I really sure I want a masters?

Things at work are getting a bit weird. My boss is going to retire in June (unless something else happens before that). One of my co-workers is also thinking of retiring. She is out on vacation for the next 5 weeks. Can you imagine, 5 weeks vacation, all at once? I can't. My boss and I have been having interesting conversations about my future in the department, and where she sees me going. I never thought I would want to get into management at the university level, but it seems that may … [Read more...]

Why can’t I light my own pilot light?

I realized that my pilot light had gone out last night. I turned the heater up to 74 and nothing happened. I was really upset. I was cold. I hate being cold. I'm cold all day at work, the last thing I want is to be cold at home. I called PG&E, and the first appointment they had was on November 4. You know how bad that is? My mom comes home on the 1st for a week. She hates being cold more than I do. So, I did the only thing I could think of... I went over and asked my neighbour if he … [Read more...]

Steeling bandwidth

So, I've rented a laptop from the student union. I insisted that it had a wireless card. I'm sitting here tonight steeling one of my neighbours wireless connection. I'm such a bad neighbour. I think it is the doctor on the one side of me. But it could be the kids on the other side... Maybe it is my neighbour in the back whom I share movies with. Who knows. I think I might be feeling bad. Nah. … [Read more...]

A busy knitting weekend

So we all know that I was sick for the past two weeks. While I was sick, I decided that I should start getting ready for Christmas. I know, it's not even halloween, but hell, I was laying on the couch, wanting to be busy, but unable to do much. So, I picked up my knitting needles and started by finishing things that I needed to finish. I finished that green cable knit turtle neck sweater I was working on. Then I finished this uber cute poncho (a gift for my friend Anne's child Emily). … [Read more...]

My shirt got lucky!

I'm writing this, hoping Cindy will leave what really happened in the comments. What I know is this... I let Cindy borrow one of my most favorite shirts after the R.E.M. concert because she was going to Vegas and had nothing sexy to wear. I told her she could borrow the shirt I had worn to work that day. It's a wrap style shirt with lots of rushing in the front. It's got a cream background with peach and brown flowers all over. It covers a multitude of sins, and with a push-up bra, you are … [Read more...]

It’s a ghost…  It’s not a ghost, but it’s white!

Last night, I took Daisy out for her evening walk about 6. She had been asking for quite some time, but I was ignoring her. So, imagine my surprize when I saw this in the next door neighbours front yard! At first I thought it was a cat... Then, it hopped. I knew it was a bunny, and it was afraid of Daisy. I figured I'd take Daisy for her walk, and it would be gone. Someone must be looking for it. Daisy and I went for our long walk, and low and behold, our bunny friend was still out … [Read more...]

Glass pumpkin days at SJSU

I bought this really cute pumpkin today. The Glass Department Guild sells them every year at this time. I bought a blue one earlier this month, but I saw this one, and it totally caught my eye. It's that it almost looks plaid. It's a yummy pumpkin! You should be jealous! … [Read more...]

That picture thing, finalized…

Grace would like to see: The view from your living room window, your bedroom and where you do laundry. Zoot wants to see: 1) Daisy in a halloween costume 2) your favorite coffee cup 3) The place you sit while you blog Believe it or not, my living room doesn't have a "window" per se. I have a huge sliding glass door, but no window. So, here is the view of my nasty back yard. I managed to kill the impatients while I was in New York, so the planters don't look nice. I think that there are two … [Read more...]