DisneyLand - The Happiest Place on Earth! - part two

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Apparently Stephen was too excited to sleep (doesn’t account for the snoring, but whatever). He said he was up all night because he was too excited. We got ready, and were ready to leave the hotel at about 10 to 8. The park opened at 8. There was a bus outside the hotel waiting to take people to the park. I wanted breakfast. I thought Stephen was going to throw a hissey fit because we weren’t going to be at the park the minute it opened. I wanted my free breakfast. He was pissed, but ate it. We ended up getting to the park by 8:40. I don’t know what the big deal was all about… It’s not like we are 6 or something. He is 34 years old.

At this point, I was still trying to deal with my very minor cold. I bought so many bottles of water at $2.75 a piece. I was trying so hard to flush my cold. I know I saw the insides of every single bathroom in that park. I tried hard not to let my cold get the best of me, but it was hard. I didn’t let it hinder me from going on rides that day, but it did make the little irritating things I hate about Stephen bug me that much more.

Sometime before lunch, I discovered that “cast members” that were wearing pins had to trade with people if they asked. I have never been a pin trader before, and (at that point) only owned a few Disney pins, and never thought anything of it. Then we went to ToonTown, and everything changed.

I decided that I wanted to trade pins. I don’t know why. I just did. I started picking out pins I liked, and then picked out a lanyard to put them on. I then saw the best pin in the whole wide world on a cast members lanyard… It was an Ariel and Eric locket with green rhinestones. When you opened it, there were Ariel and Eric looking at eachother. I almost died. I had to have it. The cast member said I had to own a pin to trade for it. $86 later, I had that pin (yes, and a bunch more… like 10).

When I was paying, I told the clerk that it was my birthday on Saturday. She said, “it’s your birthday?” I said, well on Saturday it is, but yeah. Then, all the cast members started scurrying around. Before I knew it, the pin was mine, and the music was off, and everyone was singing happy birthday. It was surreal. Someone announced it to the whole store, and it wasn’t some wimpy singing, it was loud and clear. It was lovely and embarrassing all at the same time. I don’t think I will ever forget that.

The cashier then told us to go to town hall and get a happy birthday sticker. We had to meet Stephen’s mom by that point, so we went down towards Splash Mountain. On the way, I saw an eBay Auctions pin to trade for. It was really cool, and Stephen was jealous. Really jealous. They all went on Splash Mountain, I didn’t because I was worried about getting sicker than I already way. You can get wet on Splash Mountain.

We decided to have dinner at that point. We walked towards Main Street to leave, and I asked if I could stop at town hall. I got my sticker AND Mickey Mouse sang happy birthday to me. Now, that was cool.

We had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. It’s not my favorite place to go, but with a party of 8, it’s kinda hard to go places. Plus, there were 3 kids with us. I thought the kids were well behaved. I guess I didn’t see them on their off moments. During dinner the little girl asked me if Stephen and I were married. Stephen laughed and said no. She asked why not… I said, “because Stephen is too cheap to buy me a ring.” His mother burst out laughing. Stephen was bright red. I was pleased as punch. Sometimes you get a one liner out, and you just make the whole place laugh. That’s what happened, ok well Stephen wasn’t laughing, but everyone else was.

After dinner, we went back to the park and rode the Matterhorn… My all time favorite ride. We rode it twice in a row. I think that is the best way to ride it, over and over again. We watched the fireworks and the snow. By now, I was getting really tired. My cold was starting to catch up with me. I was ready to go to bed.

We walked back to the hotel. That was a long walk after walking all day. It was only 3 long blocks, but it was really far.

When we got back to the room, there was real porn on HBO. So I watched. Stephen didn’t. That was wierd. I’ve never known a guy to not watch porn when it was on. I finally turned the channel because Stephen was not happy. Friends was on, that made him happy. I went to sleep.

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