DisneyLand - The Happiest Place on Earth! - part three

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As far as days go, Friday was the best day. I felt like crap, couldn’t speak well, but I felt more relaxed. Maybe it was because Stephens mom had gone back to Bakersfield. Who knows.

We started the day with breakfast at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street. I had Pecan Pancakes. Boy howdy were they good.

We then went over to California Adventure. You know, I really like that park. When I’m feeling well. First we went to get fast passes for Tower of Terror. I thought that would be best. It worked out great. Then we walked to the board walk section and rode the small roller coaster. That is a fun ride, except I wasn’t feeling well. I kept thinking we were going to fall off the edges. We didn’t, but it felt that way.

Then we went on California Screaming. That goes upside down. I had energy before we went on… After, I was dead. It wiped me out. Really. It was at that point I decided I wasn’t going on the Tower of Terror. I just knew I couldn’t handle it.

We did a little pin trading then I dropped Stephen off at the tower. I just sat on a bench and waited. It was nice to not walk. I got a smoothie. I don’t normally like smooties, but this one was ok. It was a beautiful day, and I really was enjoying the rest.

After Tower of Terror, we decided to go back over to DisneyLand and got another birthday sticker for me. We had lunch near the Haunted Mansion. I wanted to eat at the Blue Bayou, but they didn’t have space. What a bummer. Then, we got drugs from the first aide center. I love that DisneyLand has a first aide center. I just needed a bit of advil, and they gave it to me. That was great. The nurse called Goofy, and he sang happy birthday! That was cool.

Then, back to California Adventure. It was finally time for California Soaring. It is such a cool ride. You can smell the smells of the state, oranges, pine, sea… Very cool. A cast member saw that I had my birthday sticker on. He announced to the whole ride that it was my birthday. Everyone looked at me. That was embarrassing.

After some shopping, we decided to get going. I was so burned out. So, we went to do more shopping at Downtown Disney. I bought pink hot chocolate. YUMMY. I also bought a fleece jacket because I was so cold.

We went to the car, and I asked Stephen to drive. I just couldn’t do anymore. He made me very nervous when he was driving. When we got out of LA, I took back over. It was obvious that he was just uncomfortable driving. That ticked me off a bit… But I would have killed him if he hurt my car. I still had my birthday sticker on when we stopped at Wendy’s, I got a free frosty out of it. Yeah, it was a kids size, but it was YUMMY.

I stayed at Stephens that night, and was home by 12:30 on my birthday.

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