One skein wonders!

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I know I mentioned I’ve not been knitting lately, because, well, I feel like crap.  Monday night I decided that I was going to start working on a UFO.  I had started the “Shop ‘till you Drop” bag for my Aunt Connie LAST summer.  I’m using the hemp, in periwinkle.  It is almost 3/4 the way done, and the only reason why I stopped was because I lost my place.  So, I guessed what row I was on (I was wrong), ripped out about 7 or 8 rows, and started again.  I just found myself getting so frustrated, so I put it down, again.  I know I will get it finished.  I’d really like to complete it by Christmas.

So, to try and deal with my frustration, I said, why don’t I knit with my qiviut.  It’s not like it hasn’t been hiding out in my stash for, well 2 years now.  I’ve only got 120 yards, and I don’t want to make the hat pattern that it came with.  I don’t wear hats, I get the hat head…  You know how it is.  So, what am I doing with it?  Making a scarf.  I know, boring.  Not only that, it’s just a diagonal garter stitch scarf.  I should have picked a pattern or something, but no, I went the boring route. 

The interesting thing about this qiviut is that mine is a bulky weight yarn, rather than a lace weight like you normally see.  Initially I thought it was a little, well, rough.  Then, about 10 minutes into knitting, this soft under feeling came out.  Like it really is soft, you just have to give it a chance.  It’s so much softer than wool, I’m utterly surprised.  It’s going to be very narrow, 18 stitches, size 10 needles…  I really do like the color, it’s this rich brown.

So yesterday I was listening to Stash & Burn and low and behold, they were talking about using up all those lone skeins in your stash.  Now, they are going to have a contest.  Granted my little scarf isn’t going to win anything, BUT, I can think of something cute to make with that 150 yards of camel that I also bought in Alaska, right?  So, check your stash, join the contest.  It will be fun!

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