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All I can say is, I did the amino…

So…  Friday.  I was a wreck.  Really, I was.  I told the first girl I talked to that I really suggest we do the amino first, because I’m going to fall apart.  I really don’t do the needle things well…  Because I always try to have a sense of humor, I think that people really don’t believe me.  They told me that not only does the amino happen last, I had to have the RH- shot in my booty afterwards.  Let’s just say this, … [Read more...]

what a week!

So…  this is what happened.  I’m riding the bus home on Wednesday night, sick as usual.  I won’t be riding the bus anymore.  My stomach really does not like the bus.  Anyhoo, my nephew calls me when I’m at Willow and Meridian (about 15 minutes from home).  He tells me that he came home and “found grandma on the bathroom floor, and they have called the ambulance.  They are going to Good Samaritan.”  Oh my god.  I … [Read more...]

I wish I felt better

The end of last week was bad.  Just bad.  I started bleeding on Thursday night.  It was very scary, and John and I called the doctor.  There really wasn’t anything to do but put my feet up and hope for the best.  Which I did most of the day on Friday, and some of the day on Saturday and Sunday.  Today I’m still exhausted, and I still have the upset tummy that has been plaguing me since I got pregnant. Friday is the amnio. I still don’t want … [Read more...]

Oh you know it, I’ve been gifted!

All I can say is that I feel utterly loved.  I can’t wait to knit that baby sweater for baby Gerbracht.  I love my light up tiara, it’s so cool.  The stitch markers are so pretty and I really needed those needles.  And, now, I never have to go check out Mason-Dixon knitting again!  I own it.  I know I will use absolutely all of this, all of it. Not only was I gifted, Rowyn was gifted.  Now I didn’t open it, because it wasn’t addressed … [Read more...]

Knitting for baby Gerbracht

Over the weekend I finished my first baby sweater…  Julian suggested that I make the hood.  You know, I kinda don’t like the hood, but it’s done.  It’s cute, but not as cute as the one with the collar.  It now needs about 5 buttons, and to be blocked.  While the collar sweater doesn’t reallyneed to be blocked, the hood really needs blocking.  So, I’ll be buying a balloon, and seeing what i can do.  So, here comes the next … [Read more...]

Shopping for Elaine

So, I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had this really cute pattern for a baby sweater made from Schaefer Elaine.  Yeah, I did.  It was in my car, somewhere, without a plastic sleeve.  Poor form, I know.  John cleaned the car, and the pattern is gone.  It might have been gone before, but I don’t like to blame myself, so lets go with John. I had a hissey fit, yelled at him about cleaning my car, and made him promise to take me to the yarn store to buy … [Read more...]

One of those days…

Again today, I’m hurting.  I’m not so much sick, as I am achy.  I wore a dress that my sister-in-law gave me yesterday, with my cute pink flip-flops.  By the end of the day yesterday, I had a horrible pain in my left foot.  It still hurts this morning…  to the point that I’m really limping around here.  What’s worse, no one cares.  Not one person has even said one word to me, again.  I’ve been hating work lately, really … [Read more...]