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The benefit of taking the trash out late…

My little man slept from 9:30 pm to 4:30 am again last night.  He then slept until almost 7:30 am.  It’s really too bad that I couldn’t go back to sleep at 4:30…  I would have gotten like 9 hours of sleep!  Can you imagine?  I can’t.  However, if I had gone back to sleep, I might have missed the loud sounds of the garbage truck coming around the corner.  I thought to myself, I bet John didn’t take the trash out…  We … [Read more...]

Secret Pal 12 Questions

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? I love to knit with wool and alpaca.  I also like mohair.  I don’t really like cotton nor do I like acrylic.  Wool blends are good.  I’m also not afraid of scratchy wools.    They are great to felt with. 2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in? I store them in a plastic container in their original packaging.  3. How long have you been knitting … [Read more...]

Sick and sleeping through the night

That is my boy Sean.  Poor kid has green flowing out his nose and he slept from 9:30 pm to 4:45 am.  Then he went back to sleep until almost 7.  Insanity I say, insanity! I, of course, woke up at 2:30 am, and then 3:30 am.  Then I waited, and waited and waited for him to wake up.  Yeah.  I’m sick too.  So, I’m blowing my nose, trying to go back to sleep.  It really didn’t work.  Mom says it’s because I took an almost 4 hour … [Read more...]

Another first

Today, poor little Sean has his first cold.  He is miserable.  He only wants to sleep on someone.  I’ve taken two naps with him already today, and now John’s mom is sleeping with him in the chair.  Poor little guy.  So congested.  The funny thing is, he still smiles at me, with all his little misery, he still smiles at me.  And I was worried he wouldn’t love me.  Ha, color me wrong. … [Read more...]

It’s HOT

Yesterday it was 105 degrees here.  Poor Sean doesn’t like the heat, I really don’t like it either.  Today is supposed to be just as hot.  I already have the air turned on…  Waiting for the temperature to rise.  It’s days like today when I think about work.  The air might not be on yet at the campus, and if it is, I’d be wearing a sweater.  Oh the irony of it all.  I will say, I do like having control over the temperature in … [Read more...]

Sean’s sunglasses

Monday, Jacob, mom and I went to the Japanese Gardens in Saratoga.  I took lots of pictures of the flora, and a few of Sean (they are out on flickr).  We had a nice time, even though I was pretty cranky.  This no sleeping thing is for the birds.  Yes, Sean did better last night, but I still didn’t sleep.  I think I need to learn how to again.  I’ve not slept more than 4 hours in a row since December, no wait, November.  I thought you might enjoy … [Read more...]

Sleepless Nights

As my mother says to Sean, “you have Mommy’s number in your cell phone, and you have that phone in your pocket.”  No, I’m not sleeping.  John, he is sleeping, through the crying, or talking of our little boy.  I hear every noise.  I’ve turned the monitor down, and at 3:00 am, I turn it off.  I still hear every little babble that my talkative boy makes.  We put Sean down at 9:30 last night, and by 10, John and I were both in bed, fast … [Read more...]

Sean Turns 2 Months!

On Monday, Sean turned two months old.  It was a very big day for him.  He went to the doctors and had four shots.  The doctor put me in a corner and wouldn’t let me watch.  John was also told to not pay attention.  It was very quick, four little band-aids were placed upon his legs and then I gave him Baby Tylenol to help with the pain.  Poor guy.  He had a fever most of the afternoon, but it never got higher than 101.7.  So, that was ok.  He … [Read more...]

Sean Update

You know, it’s funny…  I kinda have time during the day…  Kinda.  Sean keeps me busy, and we are starting to get into a routine.  We have had some fun adventures visiting my dad, my sister-in-law, John’s mom, and Auntie Marilyn.  Nana Dee came to visit us, as did Carol and Sue.  We really like visitors.  We went to Kohls and bought mommy some new clothes.  I’ve figured out that we have to have a bottle where ever we go.  … [Read more...]