What happens at 3:00 am

So, Sean has been sick.  He had this fever that spiked at 104, but stayed around 102 for most of the week.  Last night the fever broke about 9:00 pm.  At 3:00 am, Sean awoke, and wanted mommy to hold him and help him sleep.  John tried to do this for him, but no avail.  I got up, rocked him back to sleep, and then went to put him back in his crib.  Yeah right.  He cried some more, and then I said to myself, the fever is gone, why are John and I playing these night-night games?

Back in the crib he went, screaming.  I told him it was time to sleep, and that I loved him and said “Good Night.”  Five minutes later I went back in, and told him that it was time to sleep and that I loved him…  To which he said “I have poo-poo.”  I started to laugh.  He is a bit poo-poo obsessed right now.  There was no smell, no indication that he had poo-poo.  I went over to him, gave him a hug and felt his diaper…  No poo-poo.  I told him, “you don’t have poo-poo, night-night Sean.”  Within 2 minutes he was back asleep, and John and I were in the bed laughing.  He is smart that little man.  He knew that I would pull him out of the crib if he had a dirty diaper, and that I would have to check it, so he would get a hug.  Cheeky baby!  I do love him!  smile

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  1. yep, those kiddos are pretty smart!  glad he’s better!